Posts from May 2020

Posts from May 2020

Blooming flowers zinnia in the summer garden on a sunny day. Floral layout

How’s Your Garden?

This is a season in which many of us are growing flowers, vegetables and fruit. Out in the desert of west Texas where I live, this can be both delightful and challenging. We average only about 13 inches of rain per year and the scorching sun can easily burn tender plants. A significant amount of soil preparation often has to be done in order for many types of fruit and vegetables to survive.  A spiritual application to the question, “How’s…
Mother and daughter

A Mother For The Ages 

Not all will recall the name of the woman who bore Aaron, Miriam, and Moses, but Jochebed is a mother for the ages. As we prepare to honor our mothers this week, consider three descriptions of this mother for ages and let us appreciate all mothers who strive to meet them.  A mother prepares for her children’s safety. Before the birth of Moses, the instruction was given for all newborn boys to be cast into the river (Exodus 1:22). The…
Woman with bible

First Things First

Everyone has priorities, values and ambition. The real question is, “In what and in whom have we placed them?” The answer really is not all that difficult. Self is either sovereign or the Savior is. When God and His will are NOT our greatest desire and pursuit, the Lord gets crowded out. It is so easy for OUR ego, OUR comfort, OUR status, OUR desires and OUR stuff to be the controlling interest of our lives.  Jesus, however, shatters such…