Christmas decoration angel on white wood background

What is an Angel?

The Word “angel” tells us something about what angels do (in the sense that they are “messengers”) but does not really tell us what they are. An observation of Scripture concerning the question, “What is an angel” gives the following responses. (1) Angels are spirit beings (Heb. 1:7, 14). See Colossians 1:16. The flesh and spirit contrast often is set forth in the Bible. God is referred to as “Spirit” in John 4:20-24. The Bible often uses the word “spirit”…

God Bless Our Elders

A recent conversation got me thinking about how many elders I have worked with and under as a gospel preacher. After some memory jogging, the number I came up with was 67. A number of these men have gone to be with the Lord; still others are slowing down due to advancing years and health issues, but a fair number still are highly active and faithful in service to our Lord. As the faces of these men run through my…