Give thought for a moment to the word, ‘consider.’ Consider carries with it the idea of contemplation, focus, or thinking upon a certain subject. The word is found many times throughout the Bible, notice just three examples of when we find this word and the need we see to pause and do some thinking.

Consider the wondrous works of God – Job 37:14-24.

Pause to contemplate how great He is! These words were spoken by the youngest of Job’s ‘friends,’ Elihu. He waited patiently for the other of his friends to make their accusations against Job and for Job to respond, and once they completed what they had to say, he spoke. Here was Job, a man who had everything taken, his flocks, his herds, his servants, and finally his children- sitting with boils and sores all over his body, in such a state that his friends did not recognize him when they arrived. We know that in all that Job suffered he did not sin, but we also know that he had plenty of questions about why all the calamity had fallen on him. Isn’t it interesting here that Elihu in the midst of all he had to say concluded by asking Job to stop, to pause for a moment, and consider the wondrous works of God? We would all do well, in this ever-changing, fast-paced, world we live in to stop and contemplate the wondrous works of God, and the blessings that He gives (James 1:17).

Consider Christ – Hebrews 12:3

Consider what Jesus endured for you. To begin with, He had no home- Luke 9:57-58. We know from when He began His ministry to the time He died, He had no real home- consider that! Second, He was rejected by so many people: His own family (John 7:1), His own country (Matthew 13:53-58), His own people and their leaders (Matthew 21:23), even His own apostle (Matthew 26:14-16.) We must consider lest we too bear the same guilt! Finally, we must consider the death He was willing to die and all that He endured for us in the events leading to the cross and then the cross itself. The Hebrews writer reminds us that when we pause to consider Jesus and all that He endured while He walked this earth, it will help, “Lest you become weary and discouraged in your souls,” (12:3). Considering and reflecting on seeing Him and reflecting on Him should give us strength!

Consider Yourself – Galatians 6:1 

“Consider yourself lest you be tempted.” How well do you know your weaknesses? In the context of this verse, Paul has just concluded a list he described as ‘works of the flesh.’ Remember some on this list, adultery, fornication- are people of the opposite sex a weakness of yours? Idolatry- putting things over God- can you think of weaknesses here? Hatred, jealousies, outbursts of wrath – see any personal weaknesses? Why are we commanded to consider our own weaknesses? Paul says, “Lest you be tempted,” and James says that temptation leads to sin, and sin leads to spiritual death! (James 1:14-15).

To guard against sin, we better spend some time contemplating our weak areas so we can shore them up and make it tougher for Satan to tempt us in those areas! Consider the value of your soulMatthew 16:26. No, we do not find the word ‘consider’ in this verse, but isn’t it surely implied? Jesus is asking all to consider the value of the soul in comparison to the things of the world. Take time to consider!

– Adam Orr


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