For the Hurried, Worried & Frazzled

For the Hurried, Worried & Frazzled

The older I get the more the word “pace” has come to mean. In a world where speed and hurry are much over hyped, pace really should have its place, especially in the lives of Christians. It has been said, “It is never found in Scripture that Jesus hurried or ran.” This is true. Never is it even hinted that Jesus had to “kick it into high gear.” Yet no one ever accomplished more than our Lord. The Master of time is also the Master of pace. Jesus once again teaches us by His example.

Understanding pace helps us understand and accept our limitations. We cannot be two or three places at once. Life simply cannot be lived at a constant sprint; speed and hurry are one thing, but pace is another. “Pace” can be defined as, “moving forward at a steady, reasonable and consistent rate toward a goal, all while avoiding worry and hurry, to the glory of God.”

Generally speaking, we all need less hurry and worry in our lives but a better and healthier sense of pace as it concerns our relationship with God. In other words, we tend to get things backwards. To put it simply – Jesus never ran but people did run to Him. Here’s some excellent examples of people with pace, of people who with steady intent drew nearer to Jesus and were blessed as a result.

  1. The shepherds ran to be near Jesus in Luke 2:16. They did so understanding Jesus Is the Savior.
  2. People ran to be near Jesus in Mark 6:33 and ran to bring their sick to Him in 6:55 because Jesus Satisfies and Cares.
  3. A crowd ran to Jesus when He came down from the Mount of Transfiguration in Mark 9:15, 25 to discover Jesus Is Able.
  4. Zacchaeus, although vertically challenged, ran ahead and climbed up a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus in Luke 19:4. He would come to know Jesus Came To Seek and To Save the Lost.
  5. Peter and John ran to the tomb to discover it empty in Luke 24:13 and John 20:4. They would quickly learn Jesus Is Victorious Over Death.


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