It’s Just a Month Until PTP!

It’s Just a Month Until PTP!

Last year over 5000 people attended. People came from 41 states in the U.S. and from 15 foreign countries. There was 1200 kids present between the ages of infant and 12. There were about 450 teens and 200 more college-age people who came. There were hundreds of elders, deacons, preachers and Bible Class teachers who attended. Thousands of Christians came together from all over the world for one purpose and goal: to glorify God and to focus on becoming more loving, faithful servants in His Kingdom.

As a result, the words “Renew-Refresh-Recharge” have come to take on a deeper, richer meaning. PTP seeks to provide a God-glorifying, Scripture-honoring, church-loving, faith-building and soul-caring experience for Christians of every age. What is PTP? Answering that can be a challenge! PTP really is more of an idea. It’s about encouraging, edifying and strengthening people in the Lord by providing classes dealing with an amazing spectrum of biblical matters; it’s “continuing education” at its God-exalting best. It’s about an opportunity to pour joy in your heart and to fill your mind with the beautiful things of God. It’s about providing an occasion to put spring in your step and a long-lasting smile on your face. It’s about renewing long-standing friendships and making new ones. It’s about informing minds, inflaming hearts and influencing behavior. It’s about the worship and service of our great God! It’s a week-long investment that we pray results in eternal blessing.

Lord willing, on August 16-22 at the Sevierville Convention Center in Sevierville, TN in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, PTP will occur. There will be over 700 sessions and 150 plus speakers. There is an average of about 15 classes every hour, so deciding which ones to attend often is a major decision in itself! Sometimes I’m asked whether PTP is worth the time and expense for busy and budget-conscious Christians. The best response I can give is, “Come and see.”

Mike Vestal 


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