Lessons from the Good Samaritan

Lessons from the Good Samaritan

I wonder what the Lord would offer by way of advice for His people through the days we are experiencing. Consider the parable in Luke 10 for some good instruction from the Master. The parable is familiar, but if you need some refreshment, please read Luke 10:25-27. Some observations to be made: 

Don’t be a robber – The robbers stripped him of his clothing, beat him, and left him half-dead. We have certainly seen our fair share of people with a willingness to help others, but sadly, too many have behaved more like the robbers in this parable. We have seen those who have shown no mercy by going into stores and cleaning off shelves with no regard for others. Hopefully, we never run into folks who behave as these robbers did, but let us be careful to avoid this kind of behavior. 

Don’t fail to act on a need – the attitude of the priest and Levite was that of showing no care or having regard for anyone else. They both passed by on the other side and wanted nothing to do with the man struggling for his life. It is seen today in those who say, “I have what I need, I have what I have – and I don’t care to share.” Jesus would remind us that our eyes must always be open to the needs of others – having regard for all men (Galatians 6:10). 

DO show mercy – the good Samaritan not only saw the need, but met all the needs that he could meet for the one in need. Who is my neighbor? We must be looking out for the physical and spiritual needs of all that we can. We must be looking for ways to help and we must continue to pray. So many are fighting on the front lines, even good brethren of our congregation. Doctors, nurses, EMT’s, others in the medical field, and so many others working in the service industry to meet the needs of others. Please continue to keep them in your prayers! Many of our own continue to be shut-in. You have been so generous and your kindness has been felt – let us not grow discouraged in doing good. Let us continue to show mercy! 

GO – as Jesus concludes, the final instruction to the lawyer was, “GO and do likewise.” The little word with two letters is found over 200 times in the New Testament. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel,” Mark 16:15. People are moving around less and are more confined to their homes, but it is still important to GO. Continue to look for ways to share the gospel. The word is an action word – and while the world is increasingly less active, it is important for God’s people to remain active in our service to the Lord. Let’s find ways to GROW – more reading and study of the Bible, listening to more lessons from PTP365, reading articles from the Christian Courier or Apologetics Press, more time to interact in spiritual conversation with others in your home or others via call, text, or e-mail. 

We long for the day to be together again. If there is a need that we can help to meet, please let us know. You are all loved! 


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