Shining His Light On Wednesday Nights

Shining His Light On Wednesday Nights

Over the last several days our shepherds have mentioned, after considerable deliberation and prayer, their desire to resume meeting in some way on Wednesday nights. The elders also recently met with Adam and me a couple of times in order to brainstorm what might be effective in really encouraging the church as well as reflecting appropriate concern for the health of our members. Shining His Light On Wednesday Nights is the result.

Here’s how Shining His Light On Wednesday Nights will work:

  1. Every Wednesday each month will be dedicated to particular areas of our walk together with God in order to encourage and strengthen those of every age and maturity level.
  2. We all will remain together in the auditorium (which should be both fun and more than a little interesting!).
  3. We desire that these Wednesday gatherings provide a positive lift for each one who attends.

Here are some specific examples. We may designate one Wednesday as “Worthwhile Wednesday.” On that day we might better introduce you to members of the congregation who are 90 years old and up. They are a great group! Or on that day we might make you more aware of our shut-ins and something about their lives. Another Wednesday night might be called, “Words to the Wise Wednesday.” It would be a thematic study from Proverbs applicable to everyone. After all, who couldn’t use more wisdom, more patience, more self-control, and a better use of our tongues? 

Another Wednesday might be called, “Worship-Filled Wednesday” where we invest our time together in singing and prayer. We can even utilize our time by giving some of our young men an opportunity to present devotionals and to lead singing! Another Wednesday might be called, “Welcome Back Wednesday.” On that Wednesday we’ll take time to communicate many of the great things that were / are going on at Westside – things like missions, ladies’ work, benevolence, youth work, education and the Grace Rose Register library. It’s a plan of work that exciting, encouraging and most of all – God-glorifying.

Hopefully, this news really excites you! When will we start, you ask? Lord willing, plans are to begin Shining His Light On Wednesday Nights on February 3rd. Please pray about this effort.

Mike Vestal


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