The Trials of Jesus

The Trials of Jesus

It is a passage often lost and perhaps given little thought, but in
context is one of the biggest statements made by Jesus on the night
He would be betrayed. Luke records these words of the Lord to His
apostles in Luke 22:28, “But you are those who have continued with
Me in My trials.” Jesus, in context, is teaching them about the
greatness of being a servant. Greatness is found in humble service to
God, but don’t let it be lost on you that the Lord makes it clear that He
suffered trials in this life.

We have a number of Christians who are a part of our family at
Westside who are hurting and going through great trials in their lives.
We could insert a number of names of brethren who are hurting from
recent loss of loved ones. So many lives have been affected daily from
past loss. Others are dealing with both loss and series health issues.
We have many recovering from surgery and others facing treatment
for cancer. We have expecting mothers and new parents dealing with
issues that greatly affect their little ones. You know that the list could
go on and on and certainly it does.

Two things to remember from the words of Jesus that should help as
we go through times of trial in our lives:

Jesus knows trial

Jesus, the captain of salvation, was made perfect through sufferings
(Hebrews 2:10). Jesus knows trial. Jesus learned obedience by the
things which He suffered (Hebrews 5:8). Jesus knows trial. “My God,
My God, why have You forsaken Me?” Jesus knows trial.

When we suffer in this life, some of the people who are able to help
best are those who have been in your shoes. They know your
thoughts, they know how it feels, they know what you are facing in
the future. We do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with
our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without
sin (Hebrews 4:15).

One of the devil’s weapons is to make us think that no one else knows
how I feel. That no one else seems to be going through this; or to
convince ourselves that we are the first to ever feel pain like we are
experiencing. Friend, Jesus knows hurt and pain. He knows trial; He
suffered more than you and I will ever know in the flesh as He walked
the same earth that we do. Let us find comfort in this thought!

Jesus continues with us

Jesus looked at frail men and told them that they had continued with
Him in His trials. Oh, how we need frail men to continue with us in our
trials! The Lord’s church is said to be His household (Ephesians 2:19),
it is composed of the sons and daughters of God (1 John 3:1). We are
a family and as the spiritual family of God, we must love one another
and be there always to offer support and to encourage (1 John 3:16-
18; Hebrews 10:24).

However, more than frail people who will be limited at times in their
ability to help by things like distance, lack of understanding, or failure to
feel what you are really feeling – we serve a God who is not frail or limited
in a single way! Our all-knowing God is not limited in His ability to
understand or to help. The Bible is full of examples that remind us of His
compassion and help for those in need. “I will never leave you nor forsake
you,” Hebrews 13:5. What were some of the final words to those Jesus
loved? “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age,” Matthew

Let us find the strength we need to continue faithfully in this life, not in
ourselves, but in the Lord and in His people (2 Corinthians 12:9). We lose
when we try to go through trials alone – not even Jesus went through life
without help from those around Him. Brethren, Jesus knows trial is always
with us!
– Adam Orr


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