November 2022 Update from Ukraine

November 2022 Update from Ukraine

Hello dear brothers and sisters.

I would like to congratulate all of you on the upcoming holidays and wish you, first of all, peace. May peace be in your country, in your families, in your hearts, in your congregations. I also very much want peace to come to Ukraine as soon as possible, and people no longer die from Russian bullets, shells and cruise missiles.

In November, the following events took place.

Despite all the difficulties, the armed forces of Ukraine continue step by step to liberate the lands occupied by Russia. In November, about 200 settlements in southern Ukraine were liberated. Among them is the regional city of Kherson, where the invaders destroyed the entire infrastructure, mined many objects, most of which cannot be cleared of mines, but you just have to blow them up. And although the war is not over yet, now Kherson is gradually coming back to life. Ukrainian retail chain stores are opening, the authorities are working to restore communications, supply electricity, water and heating, pay pensions, allowances and salaries. One of these days the first train from Kyiv left for Kherson.

As predicted by our government, this autumn and winter will indeed be very, very difficult for the citizens of Ukraine due to the constant attacks of cruise missiles on Ukrainian critical infrastructure. For this reason, our authorities called for citizens who have such an opportunity to leave the country for this winter. Apparently, the Russian government, having not achieved the desired results on the battlefield, decided to morally break our citizens, leaving them without electricity, water, heating, mobile communications for a long time, destroying the entire infrastructure, thereby forcing the government of Ukraine to negotiate a ceasefire and freeze the military conflict.

In November, Russian missiles mercilessly bombed energy and gas distribution facilities throughout Ukraine. Particularly affected Kyiv and the Kyiv region. Cruise missiles also hit ordinary residential buildings where civilians were, killing them. In the Kyiv region, during an air raid, a man went out to his balcony. At this time, a cruise missile exploded in his yard, the man’s head was blown off.

During the last air raid, when Russia fired about 70 cruise missiles on the territory of Ukraine, the entire territory of Ukraine was de-energized. It happened several days ago. There was no electricity in Brovary for three days, until electricians repaired the damaged power facilities in our city and in Kyiv. Now electricity is supplied only a few hours a day so that we can charge phones and power gadgets. At this time, there is a mobile connection.

Here are a few photos that I took when our city was completely blacked out for 3 days. I am very grateful to the brothers and sisters who helped me purchase an uninterruptible power supply and a powerful battery for it. Thanks to this, I have heating, hot water, some light and a charge for my phones for another day after our electricity goes out.

Last week, throughout the territory of Ukraine, as well as here in Brovary, ” Points of invincibility” were opened. They are located on the territories of schools, kindergartens, the mayor’s office. Powerful generators work there and there is a mobile connection and Starlink internet. When at home for a long time there is no electricity, heating, water and mobile communications due to Russian shelling, you can come there, warm up, drink hot tea, cook hot food, charge your phones, find out the news and call your relatives.

In our congregation, we try to support each other. At the beginning of the month, I was able to purchase rechargeable flashlights for all of our Christians. Due to the constant power cuts, this is a very important and necessary gadget for each of us, and it is very difficult to buy flashlights now because of their great demand. Also, due to the hype, their prices have risen several times over the past couple of months. Christians were very grateful for the care and such relevant gifts for everyone.

We received sets of thermal underwear for each member of our congregation. This can be worn under clothes even at home, when the heating is turned off for a long time, and the temperature drops rapidly. Thus, we are also saved from the cold.

We continue to connect Christians from the occupied cities of Donetsk region to our worship services. God cares that at this time we have light and the Internet. I am constantly in touch with Christians from Gorlovka and Ilovaisk. I understand that despite all the difficulties and problems we have, our Christians from the occupied Donbas also need support and care.

In November, we helped needy Christians from our congregation and guests with food packages. Thank God for this opportunity.


Several times a week we have evangelization in Brovary. We carry the Word of God into the world as Jesus commanded. Evangelization usually takes place in a picturesque park, a favorite place for recreation of local residents, not far from the church premises.

I will also attach some photos of refugee’s children from Brovary. These are very strong, kind and good children who, despite all the trials that have fallen to them, continue to enjoy life.

I would like to thank you for your prayers and your help. Your constant care and love warms and inspires us during this very difficult time for us. I can’t stop thanking God for all of you, for your prayers.

in Christ,



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