A Very Important (and Happy) Announcement!

A Very Important (and Happy) Announcement!

After much thought and prayer, our shepherds announced last Sunday (August 30) that we all will begin meeting together again this coming Sunday (September 6). In other words, there will no longer be separate services for those older and more “at-risk” and those who are younger. There will be 2 services on the Lord’s day – 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM – but both are for people of all ages.

Our shepherds suggest during these services that those who are older and more “at-risk” please sit on the east side of the building and that those younger sit on the west. This would look much like what has been done in recent months, but with both sides of the building now being utilized at each service rather than just one. Our elders ask that “social distancing” recommendations be followed. More important, our shepherds encourage every Christian to be thoughtful and considerate of others, reflecting the spirit of our Lord in word, thought, and action. 

At least part of the rationale behind this decision by our elders has been the marked decrease of new Covid-19 cases in Midland County in recent weeks. As we return to worshiping together on the Lord’s day, the shepherds ask that other parts of the facility continue to be “off-limits” for a while longer (such as the fellowship room and classrooms). Your cooperation in this would be most appreciated.

Please keep Lynn and Terry in your prayers as they oversee us at Westside in navigating these unusual times. They have a love for Christ and His church that can’t be questioned, a deep desire to respect and to follow God’s word, and a tremendous concern for the spiritual and physical health of each one entrusted to their care. We should be very thankful for them. I know they deeply appreciate our prayers, encouragement, and support. May God be gracious to us at Westside as we move forward! 

Mike Vestal, for our elders


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