Trusting Our Shepherd

Trusting Our Shepherd

So many people these days seem overwhelmed by fear,
worry and anxiety. Everything seems so uncertain. Not
even Christians are immune to feeling the strain of things.
It’s amazing how David so long ago described life in Psalm

The Psalmist utilizes concepts like want (“I shall not want”
due to my Shepherd ), weariness, hunger and thirst (The
Lord provides “green pastures” and “still waters”),
wandering (He “restores my soul”), journeying (“He leads
me”), valleys (He’s with me even in life’s darkest times),
enemies (He blesses and invites me to His banquet table)
and uncertainty (“goodness and mercy” pursue me all my
days and I can be with my Shepherd “forever”).

How do we deal with fear, worry and anxiety? How do we
handle the uncertainty of life? There’s really only one wise
way – Trust in the Shepherd! Psalm 23 is the picture of
peace and contentment. Here’s 7 truths about trusting our

(1) When the Lord’s our Shepherd, we can Trust in His
Blessing and Care (Psalm 23:1).

(2) When the Lord’s our Shepherd, we can Enjoy Peace
and Contentment (23:2).

(3) When the Lord’s our Shepherd, our “Spiritual
Batteries” can be Recharged (23:3).

(4) When the Lord’s Our Shepherd, we can be Confident
of His Guidance (23:3).

(5) When the Lord’s Our Shepherd, we can be Shielded
from All Fear by the Knowledge and Comfort of His
Presence (23:4).

(6) When the Lord’s Our Shepherd, we Recognize His
Blessings and Goodness even when Surrounded by
Enemies (23:5).

(7) When the Lord’s Our Shepherd, we Consider the
Future in Light of His Word (23:6).

A shepherd was EVERYTHING to a sheep. Our Shepherd
should be everything to us too! He is perfectly able to get
us home.

-Mike Vestal


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