When You’re Feeling Discouraged

When You’re Feeling Discouraged

Even the best of people sometimes get discouraged. After all, even the sun has a “sinking spell,” doesn’t it? Discouragement can especially be prevalent in the work of the Lord, and for a variety of reasons. But at the heart of all the reasons should be the awareness that the Devil is not going to leave us alone! It appears that much of the book of 2 Corinthians was written during a time when Paul was experiencing discouragement. Here are 12 truths to remember from Paul when we’re feeling discouraged. They are like a massive “encouragement transfusion!”

1) Remember God gives amazing grace and peace (1:2).

2) Remember God is the God of ALL comfort (1:3 -5).

3) Remember our affliction may result in the comfort and salvation of others (1:6 -7).

4) Remember when burdened NOT to rely on ourselves, but on God, His power, His deliverance. He is our Hope (1:8 -10).

5) Remember that MANY are praying for us (1:11).

6) Remember to have a Holy and Sincere Conscience (1:12 -13). Don’t let Satan rob you of it!

7) Remember to Think of Souls you will rejoice/exult in “in the day of Christ” (1:14).

8) Remember to make Every Visit you make an experience of God’s grace – for them and for you (1:15 -18).

9) Remember ALL the Promises of God in Jesus Christ are YES! (1:18 -20).

10) Remember to “Amen” His Glory (1:20 -21). If it is for God’s glory, we can rejoice.

11) Remember God establishes us, seals us and has given us His Spirit (1:21 -22) – even as a guarantee.

12) Remember we work with others to know God’s JOY, and so they might Stand Firm in the Faith (1:23 -24).

Although we may get down, how can we stay down with a God like ours!


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