Update from Ukraine

Update from Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters. 

I’m in Brovary, Kyiv region. 

Air raid sirens sound several times a day in Brovary. Unfortunately, Russia continues to ruthlessly bombard Ukraine with deadly cruise missiles. They fired over 80 missiles last weekend. Some of these missiles shoot down by our air defenses, and some hit residential buildings and infrastructure. 

Here are some photos of cruise missile hits in Kyiv, not far from us in a residential building. This happened on the morning of June 26th. 

27th of June Russia launched several cruise missiles from a bomber into Kremenchug, Poltava region. This city is located 5 hours drive from Kyiv. The rocket hit the mall and exploded inside. At that moment there were more than a thousand people there, many children. Rescuers are still clearing the rubble. There are a lot of dead and wounded. 

Here’s the photos. 

In Brovary, several Christians from Slavyansk and Kramatorsk have been added to our congregation, there are also very heavy shelling and fighting now. We try not to leave our Christians in need, we help them with food and medicine. 

Here are some photos. 

We have several new children at the Children’s Bible School. These children are also from socially vulnerable families. Unfortunately, there are now more and more families in Brovary who have lost their jobs due to the war and find it difficult to provide for their children. We try to take care of these children. There is always delicious food waiting for them after class. 

Every Sunday, I connect brothers and sisters from the occupied territories to worship in Brovary via Skype. Strong hostilities are also taking place there now, destruction and constant shelling, lack of food, water and medicines. They ask for prayers for their safety there. I am constantly in touch with these Christians. Andrey and I have given many years of ministry to them, they are also my family. We also try to provide them with financial assistance to buy food and medicine. 

There are a lot of refugees in Brovary from the cities of Ukraine, where hostilities are now taking place. I have plans to join a team that will work with refugee children and conduct classes for them. Please pray for the implementation of these plans. 

From 15 to 17 July a Christian camp for Christians from Ukraine will be held in Warsaw, Poland. If it’s God’s will, 5 people from our congregation, including me, plan to join this camp. 

Thanks for your help and concern. May the Lord protect you, your country. Please pray for a speedy end to the war in our country. War is really awful. 

Your sister in the Lord, 



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