“If These Walls Could Talk”

“If These Walls Could Talk”

“If these walls could talk” is a way of speaking about a particular place where important or interesting events have transpired. Another way of putting it is “God only knows” all the things that have occurred in the place. For sure, there’s a place like that right here in Midland, TX. As a matter of fact it’s located on Brazos, only a couple of blocks from where Cherie and I live. While I doubt the History Channel will ever trace the important and interesting events that have true historic significance from this location, it’s still true. And I know I’ve never heard of another house quite like it.

What makes the house so special? That little house on Brazos has been the home of five consecutive Christian families over the years! In fact, all five have been an active part of the Westside congregation – John and Betty Thompson, Bob and Barbara Williams, Jon and Malissa Dasher, Jerry and Cassie Bland and presently, Will and Caren Dixon.

Oh, if those walls could talk! If they could, they’d surely tell a story of grace, of God’s great kindness and goodness. It would be the story of five families who each were heirs together of the grace of life (1 Peter 3:7). Life together in Christ is so precious! Those walls would tell a story of joy and laughter (Proverbs 18:22; Galatians 5:22). The smiles, the silliness that is family, the uncontrollable laughter that sometimes accompanies life, the joy that comes by God’s rich blessings, I suspect that house on Brazos has had more than its share.

If those walls could talk, they would tell about little people first learning about Jesus. There would have been countless prayers prayed at meals, bedtime and throughout the day. There would have been songs of praise constantly sung and God’s word often opened, read and studied. Food would have been prepared for congregational fellowships and for those in need. Cards would have been written to encourage. If those walls could talk, during COVID people in Midland and a number of places throughout the world had an opportunity to worship.

I am not so naive as to think that if the walls could talk at that house on Brazos it would not also say something about sin and hurt, but I can’t help but believe the real story would be about God and His love. How wonderful it would be if every home were like that! Shouldn’t every home?

-Mike Vestal


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