The Song of Moses

The Song of Moses

“The Lord is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; my father’s God, and I will exalt Him.” These are words from the singing mouth of Moses in Exodus 15:2. What other thoughts could have been expressed than that which he stated? Moses watched as God made a distinction between His people and the Egyptians though the expression of His power in the plagues against Egypt, their king, and false gods. Moses had seen when homes obediently covered in lamb’s blood were spared the death of their firstborn. Moses had witnessed God deliver them through the midst of the Red Sea – allowing a multitude to pass through safely on dry land. His precious words:

The Lord is my strength – God is my stronghold – the source of safety and security (Romans 8:31).

The Lord is my song – He is my only reason for rejoicing (James 5:13).

The Lord has become my salvation – God is the only source where a people once lost and without hope find salvation (Acts 4:12).

The Lord is my God – He is my might and full of power. Certainly, this had been on full display.

Pause to see the great descriptions of God and ask if that is your view of God and if not, why not? However, notice that as Moses sings these words, it is very personal with the word ‘my’ repeated. “He is MY God.” Friends, God is not aloof, He is not disconnected, but as Moses so clearly points out, He is God who desires a relationship with His creation!

The response to all God is and to all that God had done elicited these words from Moses and should from us as well. “I will praise Him!” More literally, I will be at rest or find my rest in Him. Peace would be found by Moses in this relationship and he knew he needed no one else! “I will exalt Him!” I will make sure He has preeminence, God will be placed high above all else in my life. Truly, with all Moses and God’s people had witnessed God do for them, there was no other way to respond than with the words he used. Isn’t that right?

This past Sunday night, we as a congregation had every reason to rejoice as our new sister, Annie Martinez, was welcomed after having obeyed the gospel. Being a resident in a nursing home and having physical health ailments have not allowed her to attend at the Westside building. She has however, been worshipping with the saints in the Sunday afternoon service at Focus Care. As Christians, we must know that what God has done for us is far greater than deliverance from man’s slavery and a pursuing army…God has delivered us from our sin and the loss of our soul eternally!

No wonder the man from Ethiopia would go on his way rejoicing after being baptized for the forgiveness of his sins (Acts 8:39). No wonder the jailor and his family in Philippi would rejoice after their obedience, including baptism (Acts 16:34).

God has provided us deliverance from our adversary. Is He your strength? Is He your song? Is He your salvation? Is He truly your God? If not, you have every reason to make your life right today. If so, you have every reason to rejoice!

-Adam Orr


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